Jul 24 -

Signing Up for the Fall Semester makes me think of my future Fall Wardrobe…

It’s still July, yet my university insisted that us students must sign up for our fall semester. Now that the stress of coordinating my schedule is over, all I can think about is the future of my wardrobe for those crisp fall months.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a really awesome place where you can just look at the trees and literally see the seasons changing around you; I live in Southern California where the weather is pretty much constantly warm. My fall is basically in the winter, but I still indulge in the adorable fashions in the appropriate months and at least try to go all out.

I will definitely enjoy the typical colors and patterns of fall (maroons, warm browns, and plaids) while sticking to my classic black of course.  Pops of shine and metallic are always adored, and tights are a must for me.

Shown above are some looks I found to love!


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